About the project


Jaunmarupe is a populated place in Marupe region, next to the A5 highway, which provides convenient and fast movement in the direction of Jurmala, Riga and Daugavpils. In the center of Jaunmarupe there is a nature park, in Jaunmarupe there is a greenhouse farm where “Marupe cucumbers” and “Marupe tomatoes” are grown. Jaunmārupe Primary School, built in 2005, as well as Mārupe Music and Art School, Mazcena Library, day center “Švarcenieki”. There is a private Tennis School next to the primary school. In 2018, a renovated stadium of Jaunmārupe Primary School meeting the requirements of an international football field was opened.







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We offer to reserve a fully ready-to-live-in semi-detached house section with a plot of land in a newly developed project